The Art and Craft of Wood Carving

Sure, wood carving may not be the most desirable or sought-after hobby, but taking a large (or small) block of wood and turning it into a work of art is nothing short of amazing.Watching wood carved into statues is perhaps the most apparent instance of wood carving because it’s something we can see first hand. But wood carving is not just a part of our lives when we see it at a fair or amusement park, wood carving plays a role in virtually all aspects of our day. The kitchen table we sit at, the wooden chairs we sit in, the cabinets we open, the pencils we use, the walking sticks we twirl, the entertainment centers we buy, the chopsticks we use…all of these things–in one form or another–are types of wood carving that play a role in our every day life.The fact that people can carve wood in as articulate a fashion as they do, combined with the fact that any craft takes effort, is precisely the reason why we stare and wonder, “How can somebody be so talented?”Now you can learn how. With the help of the electronic guide, you can get started in wood carving. You’ll discover whether or not you’re a natural wood carver, what you need (and don’t need) to get started, where to gain experience and support as you practice, a wood carver’s “tools of the trade,” the kind of wood you should use (and avoid) when carving, the safety procedures that must be adhered to, the importance of the grain on the wood, how to develop and accomplish the patterns you want, and much, much more!